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Tiled & Liner Pools

Our High Quality Fully Tiled & Liner Pools can be designed to suit any budget!

Fully Tiled

A fully tiled swimming pool is the ultimate luxury. The reinforced concrete shell is an insulated structure built to last and typically holds a 10 year guarantee.
Finishes tend to be ceramic, glass or porcelain mosaics offering hard wearing surfaces in a wide choice of styles and colours.

A variety of shapes can be formed and accurately finished in mosaics. Motifs are also available to individualise your pool. In fact, the fully tiled pool offers you the best opportunity to coordinate colours, shapes and special features.


Our liner swimming pools are typically constructed from hollow block filled with concrete. The shell is water proofed by a vinyl liner available in a wide choice of colours and styles.

The shell of a liner pool is not water proof and consequently is cheaper to construct than a fully tiled pool. The vinyl liner will usually last in excess of 10 years providing many years of quality swimming pool use.