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Pool Covers & Filtration

We can ensure your Pool is filtered, clean and covered with our range of pool care products and expertise.

Pool Covers

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Swimming pool covers can offer substantial energy cost saving by reducing heat loss from the surface and eliminating condensation for indoor pools. In addition, cleaning time and chemical costs are considerably less with the installation of a quality pool cover.
Some automatic key operated safety covers offer complete security and safety when your pool is closed and unsupervised. This is equally important for both indoor and outdoor applications.

At Patten Penguin Pools, we install a variety of covers including:

  • Manual Roller & Solar Bubble Cover
  • Liquid Heat Saver
  • PRolldeck (plastic slatted cover)
  • Coverstar (automatic safety cover)

Pool Filtration

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Swimming pool filtration is the very heart of your installation.

Patten Penguin Pools provide only the highest quality pumps, filters and chemical or non chemical sanitising systems. Much of this equipment we have been installing for over twenty years, and we can confidently recommend it for its long term durability and reliability. At the same time we test new equipment we consider has the potential quality for our customers, ensuring that we remain up to date with newly available technology and maintain our forefront position within our industry.

We offer ultraviolet, ionic purifier, salt and ozone water purification systems, offering crystal clear water with the minimum use of chemicals. Whatever your personal preference, we can provide it.